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This page will give you a convenient way to review your wardrobe. You can look at your past purchase history and plan your future orders. It's all organized and ready for you. So simply log in and enjoy your visit!
First Time Visitor

The custom tailors at MyTailor™ created this page with you in mind. You can register, log in and start assembling your custom wardrobe. This page will also tell you what elements you'll need for your wardrobe and help you with your choices. You will find suggestions from our custom shirt shop about choosing custom shirts, as well as professional advice about mens' suits, slacks, jackets, topcoats, tuxedoes, vests and more.
Building Your Wardrobe

The enlightened man seeks the advice and expertise of custom tailors. He knows that his wardrobe is more than his clothing and shoes. It is a long-term investment designed to pay daily dividends in his confidence and well being. He knows that he will get a better fit from a custom shirt shop, instead of buying generic shirts off the rack that don't even fit the hanger very well.

Here at can guide you through the basics and details of assembling your wardrobe portfolio. As heirs to a famous custom shirt shop tradition, we understand current trends and the finer points of style. Let us help you choose the items you need to look fantastic. This is our full-time passion: outfitting men in the finest traditions of Hong Kong tailors.
What Exactly Do I Need?

A great wardrobe consists of an assortment of custom made shirts, mens' suits, slacks, jackets, topcoats, tuxedoes, vests and other essentials. The custom tailors at MyTailor™ can help you with the selection. Here are some guidelines.

Shirts look, fit and feel the best when created by a custom shirt shop that makes a pattern specifically for you. Dress shirts are usually laundered professionally. The number of custom dress shirts that you need can be determined by how often you wish to take your shirts out. Every two weeks is a good average for most men. So assuming you wear two weeks worth of dress shirts, you would do well to have at least 10 - 12 custom dress shirts in the following categories.
  1. Whites - Men working in a formal setting need more than others.
  2. Blues - Light, Classic, Medium and French blues
  3. Stripes - Classic single color stripes for your suits. Multi color stripes for your sports jacket or shirts and pants worn without a suit or jacket.
  4. Checks - Single color for your suits and multi color for your blazers

Mens' Suits should cover a variety of fabrics, looks and colors that maintain a professional demeanor. Custom tailors recommend that every man have a black suit for formal occasions and a variety of flannels, tweeds, herringbones, pinstripes and solids to keep things interesting throughout the month. Lighter suits are needed for warmer seasons and climate zones. Wearing variety of mens' suits communicates success and is therefore an excellent investment. A closet with 7 is considered a minimum, and some men have upwards of 30.

Slacks should fill your closet with enough pairs to make you look fresh and prosperous throughout the week. You will want to have a variety of fabrics including wools, flannels and cottons. A total of 15 mens' slacks is probably a good number for the well-dressed man, in addition to pants that are part of a suit.

Blazers can be business-like or perform admirably in social settings. Every man should have at least one navy blazer and an assortment of plaids, tweeds and solids. A minimum of 4 blazers is recommended-cleaned, pressed and ready to go.

Jackets and Topcoats are signature items for the well-dressed gentleman, allowing him to shift effortlessly from business attire to a casual mode. The topcoat is a must for wearing over a suit in colder weather. Consult with your custom tailor on the number of jackets and topcoats you will need.

Vests can be tailored as part of a suit or worn separately. As a minimum, 2 vests is a good place to start. Some men enjoy variety and have 5 -7 vests as essential elements of their personal wardrobe.

Mens' Tuxedos are essential for the gentleman's wardrobe. Nothing worse than trying to get a tuxedo made at the last minute by a tailor who may not fit the bill. A well-crafted tuxedo will serve you well for years.

Tuxedo Shirts should be custom tailored in advance so that you are always prepared for formal occasions. In general, men are advised to have at least 2 on hand for variety. It is recommended that you consult with custom tailors regularly so that your shirts stay within the evolution of style.

Ties are very important and should be selected with care so that they complement your shirts and suits. Custom tailors will assist you in selecting fabrics colors, stripes and patterns that are versatile and stylish. Our experience as a custom shirt shop tells us men need something in the range of 10 - 25 ties to have a well-appointed wardrobe.

Shoes should also provide a range of styles for every occasion. The foundation of a man's business wardrobe is the oxford or capped oxford. This classic shoe is simply unmatched for business wear. Another nice addition is the tassel loafer or penny loafer, also classics in the world of footwear. For variety, you will be proud to add a pair of suede bucks.

Belts are an important consideration. Black with a classic buckle is the smart way to begin your collection. From there, you might consider a brown belt for less serious situations. You can further express your individuality with a custom buckle. Once again, custom tailors can guide you towards the accessories that are best for you.

Socks should not call attention to themselves, but rather provide a smooth segue between slacks and shoes. Knee length black socks of a thin texture are most suitable for business. A well-equipped man will also have some shades of dark grey, and perhaps dark blue and dark green.

Price to Please
Blends: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
Price: $59 - $79
Single-Ply 100% Cotton   
Price: $59 - $79
Two-Ply Super Fine 100%
Price: $69 - $99
Executive Collection Two-Ply Italian Cottons
Price: $89 - $179
Thomas Mason Silver: Luxury Cottons, Pure Silks and Linens
Price: $125 - $179
Customer Feedback
Personalized Details No Extra Charge
Shirt :
· Monogramming
· Generous long tails
· French cuffs
· Extra pockets
· Contrasting white collars and cuffs
Jackets :
· Full Floating Canvas
No extra charge for suits $800 and higher
· Functional button holes on sleeves
· Inside arm shields
· Additional inside pockets
· Genuine Horn buttons
Slacks :
· Crotch linings –
half or fully lined

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